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It is a kind of artistic mixture based on the interactivity of two completely different art forms at first, but which are substantially very similar in their creative process. Music, like painting, is about working in layers by establishing a space, whether it is bilateral or multi-dimensional, of distinct elements that forms a whole in a constant search for balance.

Usually, a painter tries to start, model and finalize an image. But in this case, it may radically change during the process. It is the same for the musician who usually tries to structure and compose a piece according to identifiable principles.

But here, in the context of this performance, there is an element of the unknown in what will happen during the process. Both experienced artists have to expect the unexpected. As much from the point of view of the artist as the musician. This is a deregulation of the individual artistic modus operandi that requires each artist to explore and discover their art applied to a whole other creative form.This goes beyond the simple performance of improvisation where it is usually based on its tools, its experience and first references to nevertheless control the situation. Here, the two artists will have to let go and release their creative reflexes. The share of risk is greater.




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