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Responsive touch, audio and video platform.
Evolution of the Board 2.1

Since the beginning of the Electro-Acrylic project, the canvas has been at the heart of the concept. He is responsive. He captures pictorial impulses and retransmits them into sounds.


Over the years, this canvas has evolved into a real console full of sensors. Here it is in its third evolution: the “board 3.0”


The canvas has become an audio-video sensor-controller.


The entire subsurface of the canvas is receptive to the slightest passage of charcoal, brush or trowel. In doing so, all interventions on the canvas can be translated into sounds and images. Three-dimensional responsiveness This new “board” reacts three-dimensionally. This allows a multitude of combinations of modes of use. It thus offers the three artists spectacular creative possibilities.

It is above all its third dimension, the velocity of pressure on the canvas, allowing you to play as much on the volume or color of the sound as on the 3D of the image, which offers new possibilities for performance in real time.


Sound design

Part of the data generated is recovered by the sound designer who modulates it, transforms it and organizes it into sequences in order to form a background soundtrack which will in turn serve as a virtual canvas to create a musical work.


Visual design

The other part of the data is translated by the visual designer into shapes, movements, colors and three-dimensional velocity.



In reciprocity, the musical composition will directly influence the pictorial and visual composition. A sort of retroactive feedback effect is then created. We no longer know who influences who. The three works are built in relation to each other to form one during the performance.


Active participation in development:

Marlene Grégoire


Active participation in development and programming:
Marlène Grégoire
Automation and control of audiovisual technologies

Canvas-Process 3.0.1.jpg

Painting on canvas

Canvas test8.1.jpg

Touch sensing selected under the canvas



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