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Adaptation of the EA concept to the dome of the SAT

It is in residence at the Society for Technological Arts [SAT], that we adapted the EA concept to the Satosphere, the SAT 360˚ immersive projection dome. We presented the fruit of his research in ten représentations.


Use the immersive three-dimensional space of the dome and the spatialization of sound to immerse the spectator in the heart of the pictorial creation.

from SAT

"A pioneer in the field of immersive creation, the SAT inaugurated the Satosphère in October 2011: the very first permanent immersive modular theatre, dedicated to artistic creation and visualization activities. With a diameter of 18 metres and a height of 11.5 to 13 metres, this dome forms a 360-degree spherical projection screen and can accommodate up to 350 spectators.

The Satosphère is a new creative tool for tangible, inclusive, and immersive human experiences, placing the audience at the very heart of the audio-visual experience. Whether it’s for audio, visual film, architectural visualization, dance, or game projects, you’re invited to come explore new conceptual and sensory territories on a human scale."

The Satosphère’s key points :

  • Modular screen configuration : 180°, 210° and vertical 230° by 360°

  • 18m in diameter

  • 11.5 to 13m high

  • 8 video projectors

  • 157 speakers

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