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Adaptation of the EA concept to the Excentricité of la Cité (Ottawa)

First for this brand new multimedia room to receive the EA concept in immersive panoramic visual and sound projection. Performance performed as part of the launch of the ICI Radio-Canada Ottawa-Gatineau season.


Offer the viewer a real-time experience where he can be close to the creative source to see all the details (the scene is in the center of the room) then move freely in the room, in all directions and see the pictorial transformation all around him on the 360˚ projection as well as hearing the music from the canvas through the very many speakers (sound spatialization) arranged all around the room.


"Located in the heart of the main campus of Collège La Cité, this new highly technological immersive pavilion constitutes an essential multidisciplinary center of innovation where students, professors and other experts from the post-secondary sector collaborate as well as the business community in order to develop and in the market for bold ideas and projects.

This new unique place is transformed according to the events that inhabit it. From a gathering place that can accommodate more than 1,200 people, it turns into an experiential space that can accommodate 300 guests at a gala.

The immersive studio, with multiple configurations, is the main element of the Eccentricity pavilion. Thanks to its giant screens and its 360 degree immersive projection capacity (252 linear feet), its retractable walls and its sound and light technology Audio space show unique in Canada, the immersive studio will appeal to all your senses and your creativity as never before!"

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