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All the tactile and percussive data from the canvas are sent to sound designer Frédéric Laurier, who samples, filters and distorts them to make rich, harmonic sounds and complex musical structures.

Frédéric Laurier is a sound designer and engineer for advertising, cinema, television, radio and the web. He is also a DJ, composer and remixer under the name Pfreud .
He has done some recent mixing work on documentary series and some sound design on Ubisoft game trailers.
He is also co-founder of the Hoopalaï collective.

His experience brings creative expertise to the project. Curious by nature, Frédéric continues to explore audio-digital techniques in order to find new ways of processing the sound of the canvas.

Alec Stephani is a musician and composer. He has to his credit several soundtracks for web series and a theme song for the TV series UrbArt , created in collaboration with Frédéric Laurier, nominated for the Gémaux Prize for “best musical theme”.
His taste for improvisation comes from jazz and his sound exploration is inspired by electronic music.
By mixing the art forms that fascinate him on the same medium, Alec has become a sort of painter-percussionist.

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