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Video streaming VR 360˚

Capture and broadcast VR 360˚ live by VRexperiment (Summit) of an EA performance in the dome of the Society for Technological Arts [SAT] during the Symposium iX, which can be followed in virtual reality, in other geographical points.

Offer an alternative experience to live shows. Live or recorded, it's another way to see, hear and experience a performance.

by Myriane Huard

"Later in the evening, we were invited to an experience called Real-time 360 ​​° open house studio. During the Electro-Acrylic performance in the dome, participants outside the studio could connect from their Android device to an App, designed by SAT in collaboration with Summit and in live VR, to follow the event virtually and also interact with other people watching the performance.


This experience allows people to participate virtually in a concert, to have an excellent view of the stage and to see at the same time the other participants who join in real time! This is another way to meet beautiful people without having to go to a concert hall… it can be super practical, especially when there is a sold out show, but there is the possibility of 'Attend it virtually and not miss anything!"

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