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Observation of the meeting and possible interaction between

"Hi-tech" and "Low-tech".



Electro-Acrylic, these are electro-acoustic immersive performances combining organic and digital visual art with real-time sound capture and creation.

Complete artistic osmosis, synergistic works forged by the interaction of three mediums physically linked by sensors and receivers.

The"High-tech" here is obviously represented by the electro-acoustics and the "Low-tech", are the brushes and canvas.

We are moving inexorably in a  "High-tech" world to a large extent, for many good reasons. Along with this, there is a movement, a consciousness, a reaction, a desire to return to a more "Low-tech" approach to our environment and our lives. Are the "High-tech" and "Low-tech"  two ways to understand our way of life? Should we choose sides? Do we really have  to compartmentalize our modes, classify and label what we are by using a particular form of work ?

This performance tries to show that not only these two worlds can co-exist, but they can melt into a movement that enriches each other by opening up the physical and creative relationship . 



Performances at the SAT Satosphere.

Entrevue de mi-résidence à la SAT


Teaser 4 SAT 2017

Teaser 2 SAT 2017

Teaser 1 SAT 2017


Teaser EA 4

Mutek - Elektra EM15

AIM Festival

Teaser EA 1

Pfreud | sound designer

Fréderic Laurier

For nearly 20 years, DJ Pfreud is active as a DJ in the electronic music scene in Montreal. It all begins in the early 90s radio-student from CEGEP St-Laurent when he founded the first issue with a content of electronic music at this property. Then, from 1995 to 2000, Pfreud is in constant demand and is involved in many underground events then an enviable position as resident DJ in some famous clubs like Sona, Red-Lite and High-Bar. His passion for music took him to work as a buyer and music consultant in specialized shops for electronic music DJs and also more avant-garde (Taboo records and DNA records). Needless to mention that he discovered many new musical trends while inflating his personal collection to share with the public as well.

Pfreud stands out for its versatility and technical ability which allows him to mix with ease new sounds with more traditional sounds.

In 2001, the compilation mixed by DJ Pfreud "A yachting love story " is on sale across Canada on the label Trigger records, license Warner Music Canada but not for long because it is "sold-out" shortly after his European tour.

In recent years, he deepened his knowledge by taking a course of recording and sound manipulation and then work in audio post-production in the field of television and film. Now he focuses on music production and sound design. Then of course the DJ flame remains. He can be heard every Friday at Laika for drinks. Good way to start the weekend !!

Recently, he released 3 original musical pieces on an English label (Gung-Ho! Records).



alec stephani | painter


Born in Geneva, son of the painter Ceska, Alec is multidisciplinary, a jack-of-all visual and formal. Painting is his most exploratory mode of expression and the most liberating. This artistic dimension has gradually influenced all other creative sectors.
Having studied at the Decorative Arts of Geneva, he began a career as a graphic designer publicist.

Arrived in Montreal in 89 Alec immersed himself in various projects of industrial design, he fired a taste for mechanics and machinery. It was during this period that he began to paint more intensively.

Since he was 13, Alec was keyboardist in several formations in Geneva and Montreal. He is also a composer.

In the life of every day, Alec's idea man, art director, editor, writer, columnist, stylist and designer. (Opus bikes, Motion Composites wheelchaires).

He is also the creator of the cultural program UrbArt, nominated twice for the Gémeaux awards for best cultural magazine, once for best musical theme (with Frédéric Laurier) and once for best website.

Site :

Facebook :


fred trétout | visual designer

Digital artist, Fred Trétout develops interactive installations at the intersection between human performance and robot autonomy. His interests are to create extremely sensitive toys that only groups of intrepid minds can use. He wants to see evolve his creations and use many digital and natural mediums as possible.



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